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About Pandrol AB


We design, develop and manufacture equipment to make constructing and maintaining railways more efficient. Our smart machinery increases productivity, reduces possession times and improves the safety of those working in the industry.


We are a fully owned subsidiary of Pandrol International, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of rail fastening systems. Thanks to our association with the Delachaux group and our own international network of distributors, we boast an impressive portfolio of clients from across the globe.

The company was launched by Anders Rosenqvist in 1994 under the name Rosenqvist Rail AB. After working with Swedish State Railroads as a contractor, Anders recognised there was great potential to improve the efficiency of railway construction and proceeded to develop new methods and equipment to make the sector more productive.

Today, our head office is still in Hudiksvall, Sweden, where all research, development and prototyping is carried out. The practical knowledge acquired by Anders and his team remains at the heart of our work and is used to find innovative ways to enhance railway construction.

In June 2018 we changed our company name into Pandrol AB. Our owner Delachaux decided at the end of last year to gather all railway related companies under the joint name Pandrol. Pandrol is a recognised supplier of rail fastening systems, such as Fastclip and e-clip. The name Pandrol will now offer a complete portfolio for the railway.

Our managment system is certified towards ISO9001:2015