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AUTO MASTER for SB40 and SB60 – clipping attachment

Clip new sleepers onto the rail with just one press of a button.

Minimise the number of people needed for clipping during re-sleeper operations by using the Rosenqvist Auto Master.

Developed as an accessory for the Sleeper Replacer SB40 and SB60, the Auto Master enables Pandrol Fastclips or Pandrol FE to be fitted automatically, ensuring a higher degree of site safety by reducing the amount of staff on track.

This self centering machine can handle the normal varieties of rails and sleepers and is supplied with CE certification as standard.

Product Features

    • Weight: 420kg/unit for SB60
    • Weight: 222 kg/unit for SB40
    • Length: 530mm
    • Width: 2530mm
    • Height: 510mm
    • Track gauge, std: 1435mm
    • Max rail height: 213mm
    • Max opening on tool: 610mm
    • Min opening on tool (installation) : 330-445mm
    • Installation force at 190 bar: 40kN
    • Hydraulics, recommended flow: 20-50 litre/min
    • Recommended oil pressure: 180 bar