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RAIL GRIP RG3000 – Rail handling

RG3000 lifts and tows rail segments.

The Rail Grip RG3000 is designed for the North American market and complies to the AREMA requirements. It safely lifts rail segments and can also be used to pull rail thanks to the towing support welded to the sides.
With its two supports it holds the rail horizontal during the lift.

The Rail Grip RG3000 is treated with linseed oil to improve lubrication and is maintenance free.

It is manufactured from strong, durable materials and has high tensile limits of 1250N/mm2 (181 ksi).

It is as an option available with support on one side only.

Product Features

  • Specification
  • Specification

    • Weight 7140 g (15.7lb)
    • Maximum load 3000kg (6614lb)
    • Height 270mm (10.6in)
    • Width 160mm (6.3in).