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RCI system for excavators – Rated Capacity Indicator

We fit RCI systems on excavators and use the 3RCI with SpaceGuard system from GKD. The 3RCI and SpaceGuard rated capacity indicator systems are designed for the rail maintenance and renewal market for use on road rail vehicles (RRV’s) also known as ‘Hy-Rail’ vehicles.

3RCI monitors the machine’s load status and compares it to the machine’s true lift capacity in its state of gradient, rail cant and axle lock configuration. Slew, cant and gradient duties
are continuously calculated to make full use of the machine’s lift capacity in every position.

Full intelligent motion cut of all booms and slew on overload. The system always allows recovery to a safer state, but prevents movement further into overload. Slew limits, virtual walls and height
limits are all included, featurings elective intelligent hydraulic motion cut of any boom or slewfunction at limit to prevent movement further into danger, but allows recovery into the
“safe” zone.

SpaceGuard increases productivity by enabling the machine to be able to operate at all times even under live overhead wires (OLE) or next to open traffic lines (ALO).

To attain approval for working in close proximity to live overhead wires or adjacent open rails the 3RCI has been extensively enhanced to protect against system sensor malfunction, software inconsistency and electronic failures. To do this the system has the features listed below:
• Direct drive angle sensors
• Dual Equipment angle sensors
• Slew encoder
• SpaceGuard main Control unit
• Dual processing verification
• Pre-emptive stopping algorithm
• Slow Down Zones

Product Features