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RCI system for excavators – Rated Capacity Indicator

We fit RCI systems onto excavators and use the InTeEx OPS System.

The system is a user-friendly RCI/RCL system for 360 excavators. The system has three major functions:

  • Height limitation: Prevents the boom to be lifted above maximum permitted height.
  • Slew limitation: Prevents the machine to swing outside the permitted zone, for instance into adjacent track. Can be set either with an angle limitation or with the definition of a virtual wall.
  • Load limitation: Prevents the machine to unload the rail wheels or even tip over due to overload.

All functions can be set and activated by the operator via the display placed in the cab. All limitation functions are controlled by proportional valves, which ensures that all movements are slowed down softly when approaching the set limitations. This also optimizes the use of the machine, since the machine can move all the way to the set end position.

The system is built from industrial standard components, fit for the environment of an excavator. The system can be fitted onto all types of 360 excavators. The system handles different configurations of the machine, such as boom swing, knuckle boom and pendling axle. New versions of the system are backward compatible, which make it possible to upgrade older versions.

The system complies with the Machinery directive 2006/42/EG, the standards SS-EN13849 and SS-EN15746 with underlying standards. The system is CE marked by RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB.

Product Features