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SLEEPER LAYER SL400 – sleeper laying attachment

Achieve fast and accurate sleeper spacing with the sleeper laying unit SL400 from Rosenqvist.

Correct placement of sleepers is ensured by a precision gauging hydraulic system that spreads the sleepers to the desired distance.

Its telescopic frame makes the Sleeper Layer compact and safe to operate and thanks to a unique linkage system, the centre of gravity will not change during spreading.

Spacing between sleepers can be set at 300-750 mm. The SL400 works in a hydraulic sequence and no electric is required on the carrier machine.

This easily adjustable tool fits most kinds of sleepers and is prepared for rotator and rototilt.

It will eliminate any risk of pointing out on the adjacent track when sleepers are being moved from a railcar and can prevent the user dropping them if supplied with an optional safety lifting device.

Product Features

    • Weight (excl. rotator/rototilt): 804kg
    • Length: 1000mm-2500mm
    • Width: 2578mm
    • Height (excl. rotator/rototilt): 655mm
    • Grapple arms, std: 4 sleepers
    • Grapple arms, option: 5 sleepers
    • Distance between sleepers: 750mm max
    • Network Rail product acceptance no: pa05/03134