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SLEEPER LAYER SL800 – sleeper laying attachment

The high output Sleeper Layer SL800 can place up to eight sleepers simultaneously.

Offering maximum efficiency, our largest capacity Sleeper Layer can fit up to eight adjacent sleepers at the same time, if fed by an accompanying supply.

A precision gauging system ensures an even spread of sleepers, laid correctly at desired intervals, whilst the SL800’s telescopic frame makes it compact and safe to operate.

The machine can be supplied with or without a tilt rotating function and is manufactured to ensure there is no risk of pointing out on the adjacent track when grabbing sleepers from a rail car.

Compatible with most types of sleepers, the easily adjustable SL800 is offered with an optional safety lifting device to prevent the user dropping them whilst work is taking place.

Product Features

    • Weight: 2410kg
    • Length: 3005-5985mm
    • Width: 2578mm
    • Height (incl bracket): 1660mm
    • Maximum load: 2500kg
    • Network Rail product number: pa05/03134