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SLEEPER REPLACER SB60 – sleeper replacement attachment

Replace sleepers safely and efficiently with the Rosenqvist Sleeper Replacer.

Thanks to special design features that allow the Sleeper Replacer to tilt and rotate, this high performance machine can change sleepers from the middle or side of the track as required.

It is designed to move effectively and to recess the ballast, making the Sleeper Replacer more versatile and increasing output, whilst still offering a cost effective and safe working solution.

This productive equipment is compatible with most types of sleepers and is available in various track gauges to provide maximum flexibility.


Add the Automaster to your Sleeper Replacer for swift and safe installation of Pandrol Fastclips or Pandrol FE on the new sleeper. Buckets are also available for removing ballast in wet locations.

Product Features

    • Weight: 1050kg
    • Height: 1000mm
    • Depth: 1300mm
    • Blade width: 2700mm
    • Clamp force: 6000kg
    • Flywheel capacity: 295dNm
    • Network Rail product acceptance number: PA05/04237