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  1. Clip Driver CD400SP

    With a power pack fitted on the CD400 you get a powerful machine to handle Pandrol Fastclip FC/FE and e-clip

  2. Pandrol Test & Drive 2018

    This is what we showed on our exhibition in Hudiksvall.

  3. Clip Driver CD400

    The Clip Driver CD400 is a productive attachment for use on a railroad vehicle that can supply hydraulic power to the unit. The Clip Driver can both clip and declip various PANDROL fastenings and also has a sleeper lift for raising low sleepers.

  4. Clip Driver CD200

    The CD200 is for use by a single operator. It is a high performance robust walk-behind clipping machine. Suitable for PANDROL FASTCLIP and FASTCLIP FE and with Sleeper lifting capability of up to 50 mm independent of the rail height.

  5. Sleeper Laying unit SL800 – tie laying unit

    Video of Rosenqvist sleeper laying unit that handles 8 sleepers (ties)

  6. Track Renewal Clipper (TRC)

    The TRC is an automatic clipping unit for track renewal trains or equivalent. The TRC has an automated PLC-system for fully automated fastening of Pandrol Fastclip or Pandrol FE.

  7. Rail Grip RG2500

    The Rail Grip RG2500 is a tool for lifting rails. The construction also allows towing of rails due to the towing support welded onto the side of it. A simple adjustment attaches or removes the grip from the rail.

  8. Roller Grip RG24800 – rail handling

    The Roller Grip RG4800 is a tool for efficient handling of rails. Due to its design it is easy to apply and minimizes the risk of damaging the rail. No hydraulics is required.

  9. CD200 – Adjustment of Inclination

  10. CD200 – Mounting Clipping Pad